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Few things cure wintertime blues better than traveling down south; particularly when those travels take you to saltwater. Cam and I got chased out of Jackson [...]

Not over yet

It's that time of year when the sun travels a lower arc across the sky, the river is reduced to its winter flow, and only local license plates are found at the [...]

Winter on the Hank

Highway 32 is one of my favorite roads in America. It makes alternating northern and western runs toward Ashton, Idaho from its origin just west of Tetonia. It [...]

Teton Valley video! [...]

Mongolia film trailer and photo essay Photo essay at Orvis News Phil Monahan, Editor of Orvis News, was most kind to include the Mongolia film in the Friday Fly-Fishing [...]

Early Spring on the Snake

Elsewhere in the country, spring has gotten off to a quick start, while things have remained quite refrigerated in Jackson Hole. I returned a week or ten [...]

Profile: Artist AD Maddox

"Lucky Charm" hangs in the FlyCasters World Headquarters I finally made it back east for Christmas after going west, then a bit wester, though that [...]