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Gordon Hight

After a ten year career in education, I moved west to Jackson Hole, Wyoming and spent nine years as a fly fishing guide throughout the greater Yellowstone watershed. The Tetons and the Snake River tributaries provided obvious inspiration and reignited a fascination with photography that began in my grandmother's living room watching Kodachrome slideshows of her travel photographs. After several years of off-season work on commercial projects and journalism assignments, I decided to commit to photography full time. So, I sold my house and my drift boat in the fall of 2019 and in the spirit of Robert Frank, launched a photobook project called America in 2020. The plan was to take the year to travel the country shooting landscapes and roadside portraits in what seemed poised to be a historic year—euphémisme majeur.
I managed to cover 11 states over the first two months before the pandemic shut things down. Disappointed, but undeterred, I turned to more local subjects and dove headlong back into film photography where things first started for me decades ago. What the pandemic took away, I've tried to make up for with time spent nose deep in photography books, in the darkroom, and in more deeply considering how I want the process of making pictures to unfold. I sometimes think about the photos from 2020 that I didn't get to make, but I know I see better and more importantly, think more clearly than I did back then and maybe that kind of progress is the whole point whether traveling or staying put.

New Zine is out!

Marfa is a collection of 27 photographs from an October 2019 visit to far west Texas.

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current project

The current body of work I've been shooting is still too close to me to know exactly what form will come from it, but that will all figure itself out in due time. For now, here are some of the images I've put on 35mm and medium format film.

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